Construction design is an important step that determines the quality and cost of construction. Design solution – basically sketched the construction work to be formed and construction plans and methods to be used during construction and installation.

Navicons design and construction team – Nam Viet Construction and Industrial Construction Co., Ltd (Navicons) was selected based on their ability, high academic achievement, enthusiasm and creativity, always absorbing technology, applying latest use. Committed to bringing to customers impressive products, optimal usability, and aesthetic beauty at the most reasonable cost.

Navicons design and construction team always cares and understands that each of your projects is the enthusiasm, effort, and expectations of friends and relatives, so our operating motto is: “Professional – Dedication – Responsibility – Cooperation – Improvement”.

The services Navicons provide to customers include:

  1. Design consultancy
  2. Designing construction drawings for civil and industrial construction works
  3. Reviewing design documents, verifying project estimates
  4. Check the quality of construction design documents
  5. Providing services of applying for planning criteria, applying for construction permits.

Navicons Design and Construction team is pleased to serve you!