With the general contractor model, customers only need to focus all their work through a single management point, which is NAVICONS.





Navicons implements the entire process of a project in the field of civil & industrial construction including design, construction and completion.

By applying advanced technologies to enterprise resource planning, Navicons has optimized the design, construction and operation process of construction works, thereby helping customers and partners can Review and evaluate project effectiveness before embarking on implementation.

At the same time, with a streamlined management system, a team of experienced and highly qualified personnel, and solid financial ability, Navicons is committed to bringing the Investor outstanding benefits such as:

• Shorten construction time.
• Strictly control the quality and safety of the works.
• Maximize cost savings, improve project investment efficiency.


Navicons’ M&E division specializes in the design – construction, supply of complete equipment for M&E items for projects in the fields of: infrastructure, civil, high-rise buildings, offices, hospitals, etc. schools and industrial factories.

In particular, the application of advanced technologies such as REVIT 3D, BIM in volume calculation, shop drawing, schedule management, ordering, O&M, etc., in order to closely coordinate with the Building Block from the moment Starting to implement the project, Navicons has helped Navicons to have finished products with high technical and aesthetic quality before handing over to the Investor.