Human resources in the company’s apparatus are considered the most valuable assets. Therefore, Navicons is always interested in building a team of professional managers and employees to make the Company grow stronger and stronger. The Company objectively and properly evaluates the contribution of each member in order to help officers and employees become aware of their role in the formation of the Company’s culture, constantly learning, creating, and needing. industrious and upright. Human resource policy is always improved so that employees can have the best working environment.  


  • Navicons cares about the working conditions of employees: arrange a comfortable, cool and clean workplace; provide all necessary machinery, equipment and means of work; uniforms for employees as well as full personal protective equipment for employees working at the construction site.
  • The working environment is dynamic and professional, always creating conditions for each employee to have the opportunity to assert themselves and develop their full potential. At work, there is always the support and guidance of superiors, the coordination of colleagues and related departments in the spirit for the common development of Navicons.


  • Navicons implements a working mode of 8 hours/day; 5.5 days/week for office block and 6 days/week for construction block & total warehouse. When there is a request on the progress of production and business, the Company can ask employees to work overtime and provide satisfactory remuneration for employees to ensure the interests of employees according to regulations.
  • Holidays, Leaves and other leave comply with the provisions of the Labor Code.
  • Employees who come to work must wear uniforms according to regulations and strictly abide by the Company’s discipline, specifically cụas follows:  
  • Uphold the sense of responsibility, internal solidarity to well complete all assigned tasks.
  • Strictly comply with the work assignment and mobilization of superiors.
  • Report fully and honestly the assigned tasks. When facing difficulties at work, they must seek advice from their superiors to solve them promptly.
  • Officers in charge of professional work must not take advantage of their positions to receive commissions or bonuses from any organization or individual in any form, causing disrepute to the Company.
  • Do not use the Company’s name for personal work. It is strictly forbidden to commit fraudulent acts at work and in business that lead to damage to the Company’s property and interests.
  • Any form of information disclosure, arbitrarily bringing documents out of the office or providing information of the Company to the outside is strictly prohibited without the consent of superiors.
  • Keep the Company’s business secrets.
  • The individual’s income is based on the assessment of the immediate leadership and the views of the superior, so the individual’s income is not disclosed.


In order to build a team of knowledgeable, professional and ethical personnel, every year, Navicons develops a training plan in line with the Company’s development strategy. 

  • Integration training: New employees will participate in the integration training program, helping to understand the company’s history of formation and development, understand the regulations, processes, working rules and environment, Company culture to quickly grasp and integrate quickly with work and colleagues. Organize professional and technical training sessions for new supervisors.
  • Training for managers: For employees with development potential, they will be nominated to the list of potential leaders club, attend training sessions on leadership skills, management skills, etc. management, planning, work organization and other skills.
  • Internal training: Regularly organize internal training, invite specialized experts to teach employees in-depth professional knowledge. Focus on practical internal training, superiors train subordinates, senior experts train lower levels to continue to improve and improve their professional skills.
  • Training soft skills: Focusing on training soft skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, negotiation… to help employees be more confident and successful at work.


Navicons always focuses on building and perfecting the system of salary, bonus, welfare and treatment for employees according to the following principles:

  • Suitable for each period and each stage of development.
  • Ensure flexibility and fairness.
  • Satisfactory and commensurate level of dedication.
  • Ensuring competitiveness in the labor market, aiming to attract and encourage employees to join and make long-term dedication to the development of Navicons.
    • Salary, bonus & allowance:
  • Salary policy is built on the basis of assigned work and performance. Periodically during the year, the Company will review the performance of employees’ work to serve as a basis for salary increase through comments and evaluations of direct management.
  • In addition to salary, the Company also considers adequate bonuses to encourage and encourage the working spirit of employees: Bonuses for holidays, Tet and bonuses according to work performance.
  • The company fully builds allowances, creating conditions for employees to successfully complete their tasks: meal allowance, phone allowance, working allowance, etc.
    • Insurrance:
  • Deduct and pay social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premiums for employees who sign official labor contracts according to current regulations. The maternity regime, occupational accident insurance, severance allowance in accordance with the provisions of law.
  • In addition to compulsory insurance, for employees working at the construction site, the company will pay an additional 24/24 accident insurance.
    • Welfare:
  • Periodic health check: Once a year, Navicons organizes a general health check-up for employees of the Company. The cost of medical examination shall be paid by the Company.
  • Taking care of the material and spiritual life of employees: Organizing meetings to give gifts to employees on traditional holidays, birthdays, marriages,…


  • Navicons wishes to recruit excellent and suitable people to continue to build & develop the Company according to the strategy of the Board of Directors.
  • All candidates are equal when looking for job opportunities at Navicons. Candidates will be able to access and respond to full, clear and confidential information during the recruitment process.
  • Public recruitment, uniformity of processes and regulations throughout the system.
  • Priority is given to recruiting experienced personnel or candidates with specialized training at reputable universities in accordance with Navicons’ human resource orientation..
  • Encourage employees who are working to find and introduce candidates that match the Company’s recruitment standards to apply.
  • Navicons always welcomes people who want to contribute and rise up with their talents, intelligence, ethical qualities and passion for work, who want to stick with and develop their career with the company.